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July 27, 2016  

Hello again! 

In this episode, we provide another installment of TO Incubator by sitting down with Crissy of A Wyrd Place to discuss how she prepares and executes the multi-day tournament that is Malifaux. Afterwards, Dreads, Ryan, and me talk about the tournaments and events that have transpired since the last time we recorded. 

The link to the FlippinJokers TO Incubator can be found here. The Califaux Tournament Packet has been provided for your reference.

Also, GENCON is next week!

So if you see a 6ft bearded ginger with a Southern drawl hanging around the Malifaux tables, then stop me and say 'hi'! More importantly, ask me about the #damnitdreads madlib. More to come on that later. 

In the meantime, we'll catch ya on the next one and thanks for listening.


June 2, 2016  

Hey ya’ll it’s been a bit since our last episode. We do apologize, and we appreciate you sticking with us.

I’d like to say it’s due to kiddo, and work, and random vacations, and a sundry other excuses, but really it’s me letting things get away from me. Again, my apologies.

But! That’s not why you’re here. We’ve somehow managed to get another installment of our inanity on the interwaves, and this time we try something new.

In our first episode, we said we’d be trolling the forums and the Facebooks for people asking for feedback on their lists. And what do you know, it only took 9 episodes, but we’ve gone and done it!

In this episode, we take a look at a McMourning list we found via Facebook that was looking for some help. Dreads gives his initial impressions, how he would assess it if facing it across the table, and then we do some tweaking. When we’re through, hopefully we’re left with a core list of 35ss-40ss which follows that keeps the spirit of the original list, and leaves some room for adjustment on the table to accommodate strats/schemes/faction on game day. (Also, Mike takes a pot-shot, and kicks a defenseless Dreads square in the nuts. ~Dreads)

We enjoyed the discussion, and are curious to see what you, dear listener, have to say.

So if you have a list you’d like to us to fiddle with, or if you decide to take the list we talk about today for a test drive, we want to know!


You can reach us at the following:

Twitter: @flippinjokers

Gmail: flippinjokers@gmail.com

Facebook: FlippinJokers group page

Upcoming Tournaments:

ConCarolina: Concord, NC, June 3rd-5th, Contact Dawn McCormack http://www.concarolinas.org/malifaux-tournaments-demos-at-concarolinas-2016/

Austin, TX at the Dragon’s Lair, June 4th, 50ss

April 14, 2016  

Hey ya'll! It's another episode!

As I am sick at the time of editing, Dreads fills in as your humble narrator and it goes as you would expect.....

We have a bit of a longer episode this time around as we have a before/after Adepticon talk with Dreads and then roll into my reboot of Gremlins, what I'm hoping to accomplish, as well as my first real experiences with gg16 on the table.

We're joined by Mr. Eeyore for the first time, and we hope to have him on more frequently as he gets more comfortable with the 'cast. He's one half of the yogi duo who put Dreads and I through our paces. As always, thanks for listening.-mike-
March 25, 2016  

Hello, hello, and thanks for joining us!

In this episode we get the ball rolling on our homage to Wyrd's Iron Painter. Knowing the half-asses that we are, we decided it was better for the event if we opted not to participate in lieu of making a commitment we knew there was no way in hell we could keep. Not wanting to miss an opportunity for cheap shots at each other, however, we decided to run our own in house painting contest....cause why not....

After that Dreads, Ryan, and Mike sit down to revisit their unexpected responses to Gaining Grounds 2016 form last episode. ***Spoiler*** We succeed in getting the conversation started, but that's about it. We foresee this becoming a topic we revisit from time to time to see how our impressions change, as well as how it affects our playstyles.
And lastly, Adepticon is a mere week away! 

And,barring any travel debacles, your friendly neighborhood Dreads will be in attendance. 

If you see him, and you'll know if you see him, go up and get a photo with him and tag the FlippinJokers Facebook page or #addictsacon.

Along with Dreads, a cadre of your favorite Malifaux Podcasters will be in attendance. So, if you recognize any voices from Cheated Fates RadioBefore We BeginMistakes Were Made, or see someone with 'Addicts' paraphenalia (you'll know), say hello, buy 'em a drink, and snap a photo with them and tag the FlippinJokers Facebook page or #addictsacon on Twitter.

Whoever can get the most photos posted by the end of Adepticon will receive a token of appreciation from me. 

Alrighty, with that I'll leave you be and let you get to the episode. 

February 25, 2016  

We're back!

Kinda....sorta....well, we tried at least.  It's not the most focused we've ever been, but we had a lot of fun.
Sometimes in order to get going you just have to get going, and that's where we find ourselves in this episode. Dreads and I are joined by fellow Joker Ryan to talk about what's been going on in Malifaux during my hiatus. We briefly touch on Gaining Grounds 2016 and our initial thoughts (SPOILER: it doesn't go as planned, and in my sleep deprived state I've decided to parking lot the conversation for now until I get more games under my belt), how the guys are welcoming some newer players into the fold, and lay out the groundwork for upcoming episodes.
Afterwards, I tacked on a conversation Dreads and I had about my experiences so far trying to work the kinks out of Neverborn Lucius. Fair warning, this session was recorded pre-GG16, but we feel the overall observations still hold true and it sets the groundwork for contrasting his performance with the new schemes.
Let us know what you think, what you like, what could improve, and as always, thanks for stopping by.
As promised, here's the link to the GG16 schemes deck via Wargames Vault:

And while we only began a conversation on GG16, these guys did a great job of providing scheme by scheme coverage of what you can look forward to this tournament season:

Cheated Fates Radio with Justin Gibbs

Mistake Were Made

Schmes & Stones with James Doxey aka MythicFox

Fools Daily
January 15, 2016  

‘Be the change you want see in the world’ - Gandhi….or my buddy Andy (that’s where I heard it first)

Is there a distinct lack of tournaments in your local scene and you’ve decided to step up to the challenge? Are you a newly minted Henchman and are realizing you have to run a tournament, like, NOW?!

Well don’t worry, you’re not alone, and FlippinJokers is here to help. We’re kicking off a new (and hopefully recurring) segment where we sit down with a TO fresh from their tournament and allow them to have a debrief session where they talk about how they prepared for and ran their tournament. They’ll be sharing what went well, as well as what they completely ‘effed up so hopefully you, dear listener, won’t make the same mistakes.

We’ve also setup a shared folder which will act as a repository for shared information. In it you will find example tournament packets, links, a compiled list of do’s and don’ts, and any other tidbits the TO’s think may be helpful. Keep in mind it's new so therefore has just the beginnings of content.

But it will grow!

As always, let us know what we’re missing or what you would like to see us cover in the future.

And with that...here we go….


If you’re interested in the budding FlippinJokers Tournament Incubator, you can find it here:


If you would like to make a contribution, or come on the show and talk about your event, let us know!

You know how to reach us:

@thatmikeguy5 and @malifauxdreads on Twitter,

on our Facebook page,

or you can leave a message on the FlippinJokers google voicemail.

The number is US based and is 832-982-2768

January 15, 2016  

On the road again…..

As we all know, Mr. Dreads travels….a lot. With travel comes stories, new friends, and lessons learned.

Having polled the interwebs, it seems there’s a rather large split between folks who are interested in hearing tournament recaps and those who would just skip past it in a normal episode.

And so, to find some middle ground, we present the inaugural episode of Dreads’ On the Road series. These will be standalone compilations of Dreads talking about his most recent travels. There will more  banter, more rambling, and more non-Malifaux specific content.

Fair warning.

However, there will also be breakdowns of strat/schemes pools, faction matchups, do’s and don’ts regarding travel, and, most importantly, lots of ‘thank yous’ to TO’s and kudos to cool people we’ve met along the way.

Let us know what ya’ll think, and as always, we can’t go to your tournament if we don’t know about it! So hit us up, and you may find a Dreads wandering up to a table near you.


January 5, 2016  

No words. 

I have no words. 
I'm sorry.
December 21, 2015  


Today’s episode features a pretty salty Dreads, you have been warned.

The commentary in this episode, and all episodes, is our opinion so take it for it what it’s worth.


This week Dreads and Mike answer a listener question regarding how the Jokers look at scheme pools and which ones are our favorites for tournaments.

As with all things Malifaux, the short answer is ‘it depends’. Unable to be short and sweet about anything, we give a TLDR breakdown of the schemes, which ones we like seeing in pools, which ones we don’t, and all with an eye towards the first-time tournament player.

After that debacle we touch base with Dreads and his progress in Gremlins and we discuss the viability of Moon Shinobi.

As always, thanks for listening.


If you’re curious, the core list of Gremlins Mike is goofing around with is:

·         McTavish

·         Trixie

·         4 Rooster Riders

·         Add Master/Upgrades to taste

Nothing fancy, but efficient, aggressive, and brutal when it’s firing on all cylinders.

Here's where you can find a Dreads near you: 

·         1/2/16 : Brea, California : The Realm, Games & Comics : 50ss Gaining Grounds 2014

·         1/30/16 : St, Louis, MO : Game Night : Yes, My Master - January Story Tournament 



Leave us comments and feedback.

We can be reached at flippinjokers@gmail.com , 

@thatmikeguy5 and @malifauxdreads on Twitter,

on our Facebook page,

or you can leave a message on the FlippinJokers google voicemail.

The number is US based and is 832-982-2768


Tonight’s episode brought to you by Al Fakar Vanilla and Orange Shisha, Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, and gingerbread men.

December 2, 2015  

While the cat's away......

While Mr. Dreads whiled away his weekend at MACE, I sat down with the newest member of our group, Ryan, to talk about life at the bottom of the totem pole: his feel for the group as the f***ing new guy, how he's going about learning his crew, and overall his impressions of Malifaux as a recent convert from Warmahordes.

Dreads and I pop in from time to time with (sometimes) relevant content and musings, but really we're hoping this will be the first installments of "following the new guy" as they try out new lists and combos, bang their head against some hard matchups, and figure out the game and find 'their' way of playing.

 Upcoming Tournaments – Date : City : Location : Format : Contact Info

  • 12/4/15 : Durham, NC : Atomic Empire : 50ss Gaining Grounds, Fixed Faction
  • 12/5/15 : Watertown, MA : Malifest : 50ss Gaining Grounds : Contactianelson23@gmail.com for pre-registration
  • 1/2/16 : Brea, California : The Realm, Games & Comics : 50ss Gaining Grounds 2014


Leave us comments and feedback.

We can be reached at flippinjokers@gmail.com , 

@thatmikeguy5 and @malifauxdreads on Twitter,

on our Facebook page,

or you can leave a message on the FlippinJokers google voicemail.

The number is US based and is 832-982-2768


Tonight’s episode brought to you by Al Fakar Vanilla and Orange Shisha and Ancient Age bourbon (in the plastic bottle, yeaaaaaah)


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