FlippinJokers A group of curmudgeon-ey Malifaux players record their love/hate relationship with this marvelous game called Malifaux.

March 25, 2016  

Hello, hello, and thanks for joining us!

In this episode we get the ball rolling on our homage to Wyrd's Iron Painter. Knowing the half-asses that we are, we decided it was better for the event if we opted not to participate in lieu of making a commitment we knew there was no way in hell we could keep. Not wanting to miss an opportunity for cheap shots at each other, however, we decided to run our own in house painting contest....cause why not....

After that Dreads, Ryan, and Mike sit down to revisit their unexpected responses to Gaining Grounds 2016 form last episode. ***Spoiler*** We succeed in getting the conversation started, but that's about it. We foresee this becoming a topic we revisit from time to time to see how our impressions change, as well as how it affects our playstyles.
And lastly, Adepticon is a mere week away! 

And,barring any travel debacles, your friendly neighborhood Dreads will be in attendance. 

If you see him, and you'll know if you see him, go up and get a photo with him and tag the FlippinJokers Facebook page or #addictsacon.

Along with Dreads, a cadre of your favorite Malifaux Podcasters will be in attendance. So, if you recognize any voices from Cheated Fates RadioBefore We BeginMistakes Were Made, or see someone with 'Addicts' paraphenalia (you'll know), say hello, buy 'em a drink, and snap a photo with them and tag the FlippinJokers Facebook page or #addictsacon on Twitter.

Whoever can get the most photos posted by the end of Adepticon will receive a token of appreciation from me. 

Alrighty, with that I'll leave you be and let you get to the episode. 

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