FlippinJokers A group of curmudgeon-ey Malifaux players record their love/hate relationship with this marvelous game called Malifaux.

April 14, 2016  

Hey ya'll! It's another episode!

As I am sick at the time of editing, Dreads fills in as your humble narrator and it goes as you would expect.....

We have a bit of a longer episode this time around as we have a before/after Adepticon talk with Dreads and then roll into my reboot of Gremlins, what I'm hoping to accomplish, as well as my first real experiences with gg16 on the table.

We're joined by Mr. Eeyore for the first time, and we hope to have him on more frequently as he gets more comfortable with the 'cast. He's one half of the yogi duo who put Dreads and I through our paces. As always, thanks for listening.-mike-
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