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January 15, 2016  

On the road again…..

As we all know, Mr. Dreads travels….a lot. With travel comes stories, new friends, and lessons learned.

Having polled the interwebs, it seems there’s a rather large split between folks who are interested in hearing tournament recaps and those who would just skip past it in a normal episode.

And so, to find some middle ground, we present the inaugural episode of Dreads’ On the Road series. These will be standalone compilations of Dreads talking about his most recent travels. There will more  banter, more rambling, and more non-Malifaux specific content.

Fair warning.

However, there will also be breakdowns of strat/schemes pools, faction matchups, do’s and don’ts regarding travel, and, most importantly, lots of ‘thank yous’ to TO’s and kudos to cool people we’ve met along the way.

Let us know what ya’ll think, and as always, we can’t go to your tournament if we don’t know about it! So hit us up, and you may find a Dreads wandering up to a table near you.


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