FlippinJokers A group of curmudgeon-ey Malifaux players record their love/hate relationship with this marvelous game called Malifaux.

November 9, 2015  


Episode 2 contains opinions that are contrary to prevailing community wisdom. Please note that the aim of FlippinJokers is to shed light on how our local group approaches this wonderful game and reflects the theory-faux àlist buildingàtable trialsàback to the drawing board process that for us is in a constant state of change.

Our weekly games consist of testing synergies and lists to see what happens, to find the weird stuff, and to stress a Masters/models mechanics to the their breaking point.

Often times that means we don’t build lists to strats and schemes initially. Rather, we build a list and see what we can accomplish with it given an uphill battle/handicap, then re-rack and tweak accordingly.

Yes, we know we are heretics. Yes, we know we are ‘doing it wrong’. But, hey, that is what the comment section is for: we are hoping to start a larger discussion amongst the community.


And with that…..

It’s another episode of FlippinJokers!

Today Dreads and Mike touch on the weak points of their game and how they can improve. After that, Dreads dips his toe into Gremlins. He and Mike talk about their impressions of Gremlins, review their new lists pre-game, stir up some controversy, and then provide a post-game recap.

Thanks for listening. 

Do you have an upcoming event and want it included in the show? Just let us know! Dreads is always looking to play in a new town and meet cool new people.


Upcoming Tournaments – Date : City : Location : Format : Contact Info

  • 11/13-15/15 : Charlotte, NC : MACE : Henchman Hardcore and Story Encounter
  • 11/21/15 : Houston, TX : Swords & Superheroes (Spring) : 50ss Gaining Grounds
  • 12/5/15 : Watertown, MA : Malifest : 50ss Gaining Grounds : Contact ianelson23@gmail.com for pre-registration


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Tonight’s episode brought to you by Al Fakar Mint-Chocolate Shisha, Vanilla Tootsie Rolls, and Dots Jelly Candies

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