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June 2, 2016  

Hey ya’ll it’s been a bit since our last episode. We do apologize, and we appreciate you sticking with us.

I’d like to say it’s due to kiddo, and work, and random vacations, and a sundry other excuses, but really it’s me letting things get away from me. Again, my apologies.

But! That’s not why you’re here. We’ve somehow managed to get another installment of our inanity on the interwaves, and this time we try something new.

In our first episode, we said we’d be trolling the forums and the Facebooks for people asking for feedback on their lists. And what do you know, it only took 9 episodes, but we’ve gone and done it!

In this episode, we take a look at a McMourning list we found via Facebook that was looking for some help. Dreads gives his initial impressions, how he would assess it if facing it across the table, and then we do some tweaking. When we’re through, hopefully we’re left with a core list of 35ss-40ss which follows that keeps the spirit of the original list, and leaves some room for adjustment on the table to accommodate strats/schemes/faction on game day. (Also, Mike takes a pot-shot, and kicks a defenseless Dreads square in the nuts. ~Dreads)

We enjoyed the discussion, and are curious to see what you, dear listener, have to say.

So if you have a list you’d like to us to fiddle with, or if you decide to take the list we talk about today for a test drive, we want to know!


You can reach us at the following:

Twitter: @flippinjokers

Gmail: flippinjokers@gmail.com

Facebook: FlippinJokers group page

Upcoming Tournaments:

ConCarolina: Concord, NC, June 3rd-5th, Contact Dawn McCormack http://www.concarolinas.org/malifaux-tournaments-demos-at-concarolinas-2016/

Austin, TX at the Dragon’s Lair, June 4th, 50ss

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