FlippinJokers A group of curmudgeon-ey Malifaux players record their love/hate relationship with this marvelous game called Malifaux.

July 27, 2016  

Hello again! 

In this episode, we provide another installment of TO Incubator by sitting down with Crissy of A Wyrd Place to discuss how she prepares and executes the multi-day tournament that is Malifaux. Afterwards, Dreads, Ryan, and me talk about the tournaments and events that have transpired since the last time we recorded. 

The link to the FlippinJokers TO Incubator can be found here. The Califaux Tournament Packet has been provided for your reference.

Also, GENCON is next week!

So if you see a 6ft bearded ginger with a Southern drawl hanging around the Malifaux tables, then stop me and say 'hi'! More importantly, ask me about the #damnitdreads madlib. More to come on that later. 

In the meantime, we'll catch ya on the next one and thanks for listening.


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