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December 2, 2015  

While the cat's away......

While Mr. Dreads whiled away his weekend at MACE, I sat down with the newest member of our group, Ryan, to talk about life at the bottom of the totem pole: his feel for the group as the f***ing new guy, how he's going about learning his crew, and overall his impressions of Malifaux as a recent convert from Warmahordes.

Dreads and I pop in from time to time with (sometimes) relevant content and musings, but really we're hoping this will be the first installments of "following the new guy" as they try out new lists and combos, bang their head against some hard matchups, and figure out the game and find 'their' way of playing.

 Upcoming Tournaments – Date : City : Location : Format : Contact Info

  • 12/4/15 : Durham, NC : Atomic Empire : 50ss Gaining Grounds, Fixed Faction
  • 12/5/15 : Watertown, MA : Malifest : 50ss Gaining Grounds : Contactianelson23@gmail.com for pre-registration
  • 1/2/16 : Brea, California : The Realm, Games & Comics : 50ss Gaining Grounds 2014


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